"Our research interests include the genetic disease cystic fibrosis, the role of the neuropeptide VIP in respiratory health and diseases, ion channels, drug discovery and CF epidemiology. Our collaborative and interdisciplinary team contributes to the molecular and cellular understanding of the respiratory system and tests promising strategies to treat respiratory diseases."

Valérie Chappe

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Live stream Interview of Dr. Valerie Chappe by Miriam Schroeder (CFC Volunteer)

Meet Campbell Brown

"Not very often in life we encounter people that are so inspiring that they will imprint our mind for ever and give us the strength and motivation to keep going beyond any hardship we encounter, especially in research, to achieve our goals. I have been lucky enough to meet a few in my life but recently got astonished by this young fellow, Campbell Brown (10 years old), a true Canadian Hero, so touched by the everyday struggles of his best friend Ryan, that he decided to dedicate his time to raise fund for CF research, forfeiting his own birthday presents to this great cause."

Valerie Chappe